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miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

No Getting Around It: English Is Global Tongue

No Getting Around It: English Is Global Tongue

MADRID: Linguistic problems are not the least cause of worldwide bewilderment as this century draws to a close.Most of us feel that our own language is an essential part of our national identity, yet at the same time we realize that in the emerging global civilization we need a world language, a sort of lingua franca.
Without a world language, plus several regional ones, international relations would succumb to the old curse of Babel. This, of course, has always been the case.Over the centuries, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Malay, Swahili and other languages have been used as international instruments for trade, diplomacy or religion.Many of them are still used in that capacity.
But three new elements have complicated the situation.The first is the rise of English to the hitherto nonexistent position of world language.This makes life easier for many people, but it irritates others. Many speakers of less widespread languages feel threatened by English. To use the old political metaphor, it is like sleeping next to an elephant; regardless of its intentions, the sheer size of the animal makes it dangerous. (continuar ...)
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  1. Completamente de acuerdo con el Marqués de Tamarón.

  2. Una lengua es global cuanto más lingua franca resulte...